SCENES – A BTS Vlog: We Are One Music Festival

REconnecteD isn’t limited to this website but rather is setting out to become a successful independent niche production company focused on African fashion. But, we obviously have a ways to go.

Our Founder, Tshego “Red” Mosiane, is also the Producer and Director of the in-house shows, interviews and documentaries we currently upload on to our YouTube. She decided to start documenting our journey as we gradually grow as a company and creatives. “I usually only share the behind-the-scenes of REconnecteD on my Instagram Stories but I recently realized that I want to still have access to footage of these experiences like 5 years down the line.”, shares Red.

So, now we have Scenes. A behind-the-scenes vlog featuring whoever we’re working with
(who is willing to be caught on camera) on whatever we are filming at that time. “It’ll be like a digital scrapbook of our journey one day for whoever is or was ever on the team at some point as well as for every viewer and reader who joins us along the way. I guess I’m trying to be proactive in making sure I remember as much as possible because I genuinely am so grateful that I am able to pursue my dream everyday.” adds Red.

Watch our first vlog of Red going to shoot footage for upcoming coverage on the weekend’s We Are One Music Festival here: