South African Streetwear Brands To Support in 2018

By: Zane Lelo Meslani

Not to say I have never supported any local designer in the recent past, but i’ll be taking it upon myself to buy more local this new year and I encourage anyone who can afford to to do the same.

I’m not stopping anyone’s bag, but we’re tired of seeing the same “Yhuu, abelungu” slogan in different fonts, slapped on a t-shirt and sold for 300 bucks because “buy black”. Stop robbing us. It’s time to support local brands with more creativity and higher quality on offer.

To get you started, I’m going to suggest the hottest brand right now that everyone should get their hands on this year and how you can purchase.

DEAD 93’

Their DEAD. we gon’ live forever vol ii COMBO is worth saving up your coins and purchasing. If you live for looking like a Cape Town cool kid, then yas, this is for you.

Website :

Price points: ZAR 360.00 – ZAR 1,800.00

DEAD. we gon’ live forever vol.ii AVAILABLE ONLY online

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Although you can purchase their PEMANENT FIXTURE ready-to-wear collection via local retailer Woolworth’s “Style By SA” section, you can also visit their store in Cape Town or order online via email. Their garments scream “Art, but make it hoe”, with beautifully tailored and contemporary designs, you won’t regret it.


Price Point: *Available upon email

Wanda Lephoto

This collection by Wanda Lephoto of The Sartists is simple and refreshing. Offering tailored pants, stripped suits and jackets, Taffetta coats, White Patchwork Shirts and even dungarees. You too, can pull off the signature Sartists look. Their website is currently under construction, but you may email them for pre-orders.


Price Point: *Available upon email


A brand by Nokana Mojapelo, which is highly constructive (as in, construction worker, but make it streetwear). His “STAFF ONLY” seems to be sold out, but keep your eye out on the instagram page for the new “Suicide Awareness” collection, I guess.

Price Point: *Available upon email

'STAFF ONLY' by @docccollect part 2 // 📸:

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Beautiful Boys

This brand is unisex and simple, yet lovely. They offer quality two-piece tracksuits, a range of statement graphic designed t-shirts and their statement ‘Beautiful Boys’ tee.


Price Point: ZAR 300.00 to ZAR 1,350.00

iMali iNgenile Boi ~ BBUMXD 📸 ~ @dayphotolife

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Edgy, fast fusion sports luxe brand now gone international. The womenswear collection is favourable – it aims to bring awareness to female creatives and breaks boundaries. You will enjoy their Insta feed as much as i do.


Price Point: USD$ 33.00 – USD$ 135.00


This collection of casual wear comprises t-shirts, denim jackets and hoodies in variations of black, white and orange. The founders and creative directors of the brand say they want to “place a strong emphasis on quality, sincerity and comfort”. It shows.


Price Point: ZAR 230.00 – ZAR 1,200.00

@jana_babez @ home in her 1 of 1 custom 'Leave Britney Alone' hoodie.

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Young and Lazy

For young millennials who want to look super cool and street, get your hands on Young and Lazy apparel. They currently trade at Corner Store, with collaborations with Shelflife.


Price Point: *Available upon email


Except it doesn’t cost 2 bop (South African slang for 20 cents). This brand offers uber cool capsule collections with a nod to 90s video games and retro graphics.


Price Points: ZAR 180.00 – ZAR 1,300.00

Sol-Sol Menswear

Shaken that I still don’t own anything from Sol-Sol. With their iconic “Destroy Today” slogan, they’ve taken over the city streets. Gather your coins and support. Also available at Corner Store and Dip Street Store.


Price Point: USD$ 37.00 – USD$ 70.00


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*Please note all prices are subject to change upon next time the brand updates their websites