Windhoek Fashion Week Round-Up

By: Leah Misika

All photos by Martin Amushendje

The second ever Windhoek Fashion Week took place from the 1st to the 4th of November and Namibia’s bloggers and fashion lovers swept the streets of the capital city in hopes to seek new designers and enjoy a great fashion week out.

Sadly, WFW has come to an end for the season and just a few things stuck with me.

Firstly, the Namibian Fashion scene is lit. You cannot trust Namibians to show up for a concert but you can definitely trust them to show up and show out for Fashion. Secondly, this year’s fashion wasn’t what I hoped it would be. In comparison to last year, this year fashion was rather disappointing. Expectations were running high and designers may have failed fashion week in this regard. We had 38 Fashion Designer, myself included.  22 of which were local. 7 of which were students and I only saw 3 collections to add to my faves list.

Now just to provide some background, Namibia is still finding its feet in fashion in terms of figuring out how to make it work within our circumstances. There was no season for this fashion week because it currently takes place annually instead of seasonally. No one is complaining because this is only the second WFW to take place and we just want to keep it going in hopes of growth. However because we only have one fashion week I was hoping Namibian designers would go all out and do the most, but they didn’t. In that light there were only 3 collections of note and worth the mention and in not particular order.

Franco Gian Mostert

A finale year student from the College of the Arts had by far the strongest collection in terms of theme and aesthetics and inspiration. I was very clear what inspired him and the message was carried through the styling and make up. This collection definitely left me excited to see what he will be doing in future.


Melisa Poulton

Poulton blew everyone away with her Earth – Fire Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Call it the red collection, but Melisa Poulton really put in work on this one and it nothing less than fire when it hit the runway.

Deon Angelo

Angelo – who just finished the David TlaIe Internship program – wowed us with a beautiful and textured fall/winter collection. Fall/Winter is not really a thing in Namibia especially in the design sphere but this collection was well made, cohesive and I’d wear every single piece.


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