Zambia Fashion Week 2017 Round-Up

By: Brian C. Manda

*All images by Fortress Media Photography

Jessica Nkosi at Zambia Fashion Week

This year, The Zambia Fashion week fell on the 19-21st of October with the theme ‘Designs beyond the ordinary’. Pretty Daring, right? Over 50 designers showcased this year including competitions for emerging designer as well.

Some of the designers that showcased this year include Ronnie Musonda, Richard Kasanda, Muleya Kalaluka, Duncan Kanyembo, Tendai Lwenje, Martha Kabaso, Yve Katongo, Gloria Mwila, Teta Vundamina, Thandiwe Alifo, Lusungu Mudondo, Nelly Chama, Samfo, Claire and guest designer Khosi Nkosi. This year’s celebrity guest was South African TV personality Jessica Nkhosi made an appearance.

It was so hard to pick the most daring yet creative designs, out of the bunch. In no particular order, the following designers caught my attention and hope they did for you as well.


1. Petros Giannakakis

I love everything about this. He hit the ‘Designs beyond the ordinary’ nail right on the head. A mixture of different African and African-inspired prints that was bold and beautiful.

2. Lusungu Mudondo

Lusungu’s designs had us by the edge of our seats. It was sophisticated and over the top with an afroscentric vibe.

3. Richard Kasanda

MK72 by Richard Kasanda brought the heat on the runway with a bold gold and black collection befitting a modern day King and Queen. What I specifically loved about this collection were the monochrome jackets and sultry gowns, need I say more?


4. Mwewa Samforosa Mundubi

Stiches by Samfo is a brand owned by Mwewa. She believes in the phrase “A woman, like the sun, must always shine brighter”. Her designs definitely shined brighter than diamonds and gold.


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