#SUBS episode 2: Laudium, Pretoria

#SUBS is an original doci-series setting out to investigate the truth behind fashion stereotypes and subcultures across Africa.

Next up, we go to an area in Pretoria that’s a direct result of the Group Areas Act of 1950. Laudium has since become a suburb largely made up of Wealthy to Upper Middle Class Indian-South Africans.

From the outside, residents look dignified and comfortable in luxury cars and expensive designer items. We always hear of how strict Indian families are when it comes to beauty standards and fashion, with religion and culture being a stern enforcer. Add power and wealth politics to this and the simple process of getting dressed every morning gets a lot more complicted. We ask a few residents about the realities of meeting cultural and religious beauty standards that result in the stereotypical “Indian” fashion that outsiders see.

Created, Produced, Directed & Hosted by: Tshego ‘Red’ Mosiane

Co-Directed Filmed & Edited by: Tseliso Monaheng

Music By: Kinsmen’s album ‘Window To The Ashram

Watch it here: