FILM-ed Cinema: Confluence

We have created a platform for young film makers from across Africa to showcase their fashion films. We will be sharing films 100% created by creatives living and working in Africa to showcase their work in the FILM-ed Cinema.


This short fashion film premiered at the 2016 Bokeh Fashion Film Festival. The story revolves around a fictional African history retold by ancient wise man to his young apprentices. He speaks of a divided multicultural Africa which then finds common ground through their love for African culture to make peace. The peace and collaboration sees the continent and its people rise to become a state of power and ultimately Gods in their own right.


Brand: Liam Power

Directed & Written By: Tsoku Maela
Producers: Blair Smith & Nolitha Mkulisi
Cinematographer: Mari Geldenhuys
Assist DOP: Malcolm Rainers
Set Designer: Stephen Dunn
Editor: Jessie Viljoen
Visual Effects: Dries  Du Preez

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