#MBFWJ17 | Day 4 of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring/Summer ’17 Collection Reviews

By Tshego ‘Red’ Mosiane

All images from the AFI Official Gallery


A collection clearly made by the brand’s certified cool kid founder. The “Staff Only” themed collection is an atypical take on the global workwear trend in streetwear, taking elements of constrution worker uniform and incorporating it into minimalistic items anyone could wear. There were a handful of looks that should have been scrapped for the sake of a clearer communicated theme but the majority did just fine.

Ironically, the highlight of the collection came with how the designer incorporated reflective tape in most of the pieces. An ingenious spin on a staple in the uniforms he drew inspiration from.


In true Marianne style, there was a lot going on. Like a lot. As a veteran designer we’re supposed to ignore the fact that sometimes her shows pass the eclectic boundary and dive straight into the dizzy realm. Some editing down in future wouldn’t hurt. Marianne packed on the prints this collection (summer must be her fave season) but not every print was necessary.

The evening gowns came with a few welcomed additions but were still unnecessary as the real show was the ready-to-wear. Mess aside, this collection gave us killer look, afer look, after look. She mixed prints that most designers wouldn’t, whether in one garment or in one look, but it made complete sense. 



The emerging brand’s designer is part of that group of kids in this generation seeking inspiration from a funner time in fashion – the 90’s.  This collection felt nostalgic as it drew from classic looks from the decade’s music videos. Thankfully, it wasn’t limited to TLC style sleepsuits or Fresh Prince shirts that 90’s fashion has been reduced to and the designer was able to show a wider representation of the era with a simpler modern take the styles even in a short collection.



Overall, this collection was an enormous improvement from the design duos previous collections but they still could not shake their habit of sabotaging themselves by over-designing in a few pieces. The pair should take a step back to calm down sometimes because they take it way too far. Also, i hope these looks didn’t have lining from the runway to how the use of the variations of net-like fabric clearer because it’s time we got over everything transparent.

Still, it was a great cohesive collection with a clear customer showing that they are growing as designers and getting smarter as a brand. The highlights came in the men’s sleepsuits, the baby pink (aka Millenial pink) dresses/looks and one of the turquoise numbers


The emerging streetwear brand showed a collection inspired by lucid dreams which came through in the all over prints used. The designers should have played more with that and left out the distorted/free graphic design software image prints simply because at this point they are boring and unoriginal. A full show of a play on prints that give that lucid effect would have been consistently captivating throughout.

The highlight were that they were well made pieces and that orange tracksuit matching set.


The designer showcased a cohesive collection with a clear concise consumer, a woman with a simplistic yet colorful and sophisticated sense of style. She want’s pieces she can wear from days at the office or running errands to grabbing dinner with a friend. The whole collection is comfortable and wearable. 

The concern I have isn’t with the collection itself but rather the atrocious wigs. Some models looked like they had to survive a wind storm just before stepping on the runway.