South Africa’s Fashion Handles

By: Lethabo Nkome

To some “Love Handles” are a sign of poor overall health and to others, it may be known as “extra fat” that prevents you from having the perfect torso. In fashion, they speak of a different type of love handle; a fashion handle.

A fashion handle allows us to gain all kinds of “fat” in terms of learning about new trends, style and – most importantly – how to realistically incorporate the biggest fashions into your wardrobe. The people tasked to create this content for a majority of South Africans are the Fashion Directors and Editors of the mainstream glossy print magazines seen on every newsstand nationwide.

Here are 5 individuals responsible for the content in the country’s biggest mainstream fashion publications:

Jessica Ramoshaba

Fashion Editor: True Love Magazine

A psychology graduate turned fashion editor has the industry on their knees with the revamp of True Love Magazine. Her eloquent taste in clothing allows her to be open to every trend without any setbacks and this shows in the magazine and consumer reviews. True Love isn’t a magazine that would usually be listed as a fashion publication but the work she has done as of late is definitely putting them on the map. 

Asanda Sizani

Fashion Director: Elle Magazine South Africa

Moving from fashion editor at Drum Magazine to Destiny Man to Elle Magazine sure is a career to look up to. Asanda is living the life of a true local fashion legend in the making as she is one of the most influential yet poised ladies in the fashion industry. As an inspiration to many, she is also a regular contributor for Woolworths and Edgars club magazines. Both these leading retail stores have completely different target markets and yet some of her work has kept the numbers flowing in. 

Nkosiyati Khumalo

Editor: GQ Magazine South Africa

Tackling the male consumers in the local fashion industry is no easy task. To some conservative men, fashion or style does not exist, but thankfully Yati Khumalo is here to bring a stop to that. He has been GQ’s deputy editor since 2013 as well as GQ’s Style editor since 2015. It’s not about how long he has been in the industry but rather, how he has been able to deliver shoots that meet their target market’s aesthetic in every copy of GQ. The publication has amazing international reviews, but kudos to the team in South Africa as they are encouraging our men to put more effort in their appearance.

Jackie May

Editor: Marie Claire South Africa

A true journalist at heart, former Editor Jackie May is the leading lady at Maire Claire. With no styling or fashion background, she managed to nail the job and still creatively sway us into understanding the brand that Marie Claire is striving towards. Although for many years she worked for a newspaper publication and saw no signs of ending up as an IT girl in the industry, she leaves us giddy whenever we get our hands on a copy of Marie Claire.


Tarryn Oppel

Fashion Director : Marie Claire South Africa

Tarryn is definitely one of the most underappreciated in her field. She makes street style extremely effortless & accessible to her audience through both her work and personal style. She has made a name for herself with her distinct aesthetic so you know it’s her without having to search for their name. Working in such a fickle industry does not always allow diversity because your job may be taken away from you, but, the good thing about her is that she manages to stay the same yet relevant.